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Dr. Natalie is ivy league trained having done her schooling at the University of Pennsylvania and her residency at Yale. She is comfortable treating children from birth to age twenty one and everything in between. 

Come by for a visit and our team will introduce your children to the world of dentistry with a positive and friendly approach that is time tested and kid and parent approved.  We offer all aspects of dental care for children to keep them healthy and smiling.  




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According to both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatricians, you should bring your child in for their first visit by age one or when their first tooth erupts, whichever comes first.  

This allows us to establish a proper oral care routine early that will help ensure a lifetime of great smiles. Our Exeter team is fun and interactive, and we use the “Tell, Show, Do” method during all dental appointments. 

This means we use kid-friendly terms and examples to first tell and show your child how we're keeping their smile healthy before actually doing anything. Our goal is to create a dental home where children and parents feel comfortable and are excited to return every six months.




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As a “dental specialist,” Dr. Natalie trained for an additional 2 years after dental school in a pediatric dental residency.

She is ivy league trained having completed her dental degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and her pediatric residency at Yale University, one of the country’s best specialty programs.  She has years of real life clinical experience behind every decision she makes.

We are proud to be women owned and operated with an amazing staff who we consider our family.

We make sure your child has the best smile at every step of their development.

Team work works!

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When it comes to children’s dental health, our team provides families with comprehensive care. We offer pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and adult dentistry in a caring and open practice setting.


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